TruFitz Double Shot (3 months' supply)
TruFitz Double Shot (3 months' supply)
TruFitz Double Shot (3 months' supply)

TruFitz Double Shot (3 months' supply)

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TruFitz Double Shot is an improved version of TruFitz which has been in the market for 3 years and is our best seller! TruFitz Double Shot is an on-the-go/ready to drink slimming juice that works to achieve ideal weight and great effects can be seen within 7 days. The 7-days challenge is given to the user as we are confident that you can lose weight by consuming TruFitz with the right intake (this includes the right diet and exercise!) TruFitz Double Shot is effective especially for those with pear-shaped figures.

You can get more benefits from TruFitz Double Shot such as Improve the digestive system, Increase the metabolism rate. Ideal for diabetic patients and Asthma patients. It is helpful for your blood circulation and overall good for health. It Contains numerous bioactive substances that may facilitate the breakdown of fat cells.

*Note: For 1st timer, you may experience purging due to one of the ingredients (aloe vera) to cleanse your bowel movement and improve gut health at the same time.


Main Ingredients:

1. L-CARNITINE: Launches blood circulation and is good for heart health.
2. RASPBERRY KETONE: Increases the production of adiponectin hormone that helps burn fat faster.
3. HOODIA: Helps to regulate appetite.
4. MOROSIL: Contains numerous bioactive substances that may facilitate the breakdown of fat cells.

Benefits of TruFitz Double Shot:
•Burn stubborn fat 3 times faster
•Help to lose weight
•Curbs appetite
•Improve the digestive system
•Increase metabolism rate

Suitable for:
•Men & women 16 yo & above
•Breastfeeding mommy
•Ladies on confinement
•Menstrual period
•Ideal for diabetic patients
•High blood pressure
•Asthma patients
•Cyst & Fibroid
•Drink plenty of water
•If you are getting treatment from doctor eg: fever stop temporarily until you feel better
•NOT SUITABLE for pregnant ladies
•NOT SUITABLE for those allergic to caffeine

Direction: Take 1 sachet daily before breakfast or lunch or 30 mins before workout.

RO Water, Strawberry Juice Powder, L-Cartinine, Brown Seaweed Extract, Morosil, Hoodia Extract, Green Coffee Extract, Rasberry Ketone Extract, Garnicia Cambogia Extract and Vitamin C.
Contains permitted colour and flavour. Contains acidity regulator, thickening agent and preservatives as permitted food conditioner.

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