TruFitz is an ON THE GO strawberry slimming juice that works to achieve ideal weight and great effects can be seen within 7 days. The 7-days challenge is given to the user as we are confident that you can lose weight by consuming TruFitz with the right intake (this includes right diet and exercise!)


Main Ingredients 

GREEN COFFEE: Improves body metabolism to burn fat faster.

L-CARNITINE: Launches blood circulation and is good for heart health.

RASPBERRY KETONE: Increases the production of adiponectin hormone that helps burn fat faster.

BEET ROOT: Launches the digestive system

HOODIA: Helps to regulate appetite.


TruFitz Positive Impact

- Burn stubborn fat 3 times faster

- Help to lose weight

- Curbs appetite

- Improve the digestive system

- Improve metabolism levels 

Content: 7 sachets x 35 ml


Take 1 sachet of TruFitz (35 ml) once daily before meals, morning or evening before exercise.

Can be consumed by both male and female 15 years old and above! 



1. Who is it suitable for?

Both male and female

2. What is teh age limit?

Suitable for age 16 yo and above

3. I am breastfeeding. Can I consume too?
Yes, Trufitz is suitable for breastfeeding mom. 

4. Can I drink during my period?

5. I have diabetes, can I consume?

Yes, Trufitz is suitable for diabetic patient.

6. I have HBP/Hypertension, can I consume?

Yes, suitable for HBP/Hypertension patient

7. I have asthma, can I consume Trufitz?

Yes, suitable for asthma patient

8. I have cys/fibroid, can I consume?

Yes, TruFitz is suitable for person with cyst/fibroid



✅Drink lots of plain water!

✅Eat the right portion of food!

✅Eat more fruits and veges! 


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