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LAST TUBE: Ratu Reshape Cream

LAST TUBE: Ratu Reshape Cream

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Complementary product from Ratu Slimming Jelly, now Ratu Reshape Cream provides double effectiveness and burn stubborn fats! Just slab it anywhere like thighs, arm, hips, stomach. 

Content: 50 gm

Direction: Apply 2 times daily after shower - morning and night. 


1. What is Ratu Reshape Cream for?

To burn stubborn fats and firms the skin. 

2. Why Ratu Reshape Cream when Ratu Slimming Jelly is already effective?

Ratu Inchloss and Ratu Slimming Jelly is a two different product. Ratu Reshape Cream is a fat burner cream for exterior use on stubborn fats on certain parts of the body. 

3. How to I apply Ratu Reshape Cream?

Slab on any part of the body like arm, thigh, stomach, hips. Do not apply on face. Apply 2 times per day morning and night after shower. 

4. Is Ratu Reshape Cream suitable for breastfeeding moms?

Yes! but do not apply at breast area. 

5. Does Ratu Reshape Cream feels sticky on skin after applying?

Not at all! It absorbs quickly on the skin and leave a pleasant scent (lime).

6. Can I apply Ratu Reshape Cream for my sauna session?

Yes, it will give a better effectiveness!

7. Can I eat Ratu Slimming Jelly and apply Ratu Reshape Cream concurrently?

Absolutely, no problems on that!

8. At which age Ratu Reshape Cream is suitable for?

15 years old and above. 

9. Can I use Ratu Reshape Cream after giving birth via C-section?

Yes you may, founder Datin Amyera herself use Ratu Reshape Cream and she is also a C-section mom!

10. Is Ratu Reshape Cream safe to use?

Definitely. Ratu Inchloss go through a test through KKM (Ministry of Health in Malaysia) and is approved by them.

11. Does Ratu Reshape Cream able to reduce stretchmarks?

YES! The main ingredient in Ratu Reshape Cream is capsicum and it can help to reduce cellulite and stretchmarks. Results can be seen as early as 1 week!

12. How long it takes to see the effect/results?

As early as 1 week you can lose an inch!

13. Does Ratu Reshape Cream contains parabens?

100% no parabens in Ratu Reshape Cream. Safe and approved by the ministry of health in Malaysia (KKM).

14. Can Ratu Reshape Cream be applied at the breast area?

No, Ratu Reshape Cream cannot be applied at breast area. 

15. I am on confinement period, am I able to use Ratu Reshape Cream?

Yes you may. Tips: Apply the cream before you put on your corset.

16. I am pregnant. Can I use Ratu Reshape Cream?

Yes but do not apply on your stomach.

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