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Luna Skinz
Luna Skinz
Luna Skinz
Luna Skinz

LUNA is a beverage that covers all aspects of health and beauty. With the use of LUNA DAY during the day, it works to brighten the skin, protect the skin from UV rays, maintain skin elasticity and provide incredible energy throughout the day.

On the other hand, takingĀ LUNA NIGHT at night works to give you a good night's rest and sleep to allow our skin to go through the healing process including eliminating acne problems and stubborn scars.

One box contains 10 LUNA DAYĀ sachets and 10 LUNA NIGHT sachets.

Luna Day - Green Apple
Luna Night - Kiwi

āœ”Pregnant ladies (2nd trimester onwards)

āœ”Nursing moms

āœ”Male and female 13 years old and above

āœ”During period


āœ”Natural & safe ingredients

Direction:Ā  Recommended to take 1 sachet LUNA DAY during the day and 1 sachet LUNA NIGHT before bedtime.


Luna Day: Mixed botanical beverage green apple with applephenol and camu-camu.

RO Water, honey, green apple juice powder, peach juice powder, L-cysteine, camu-camu extract, acerolla cherry extract, vitamin c, probiotic (bifidobacterium longum BB536), probiotic (bifidobacterium breve M-16V), applephenol, vitamin E, vitamin premix, rosemary extract and taurine. Contains permitted flavour, thickener, acidity regulator and preservatives as permitted food conditioner.

Luna Night: Mixed botanical beverage kiwi with ashwagandha and chamomile.

RO water, kiwi juice powder, honeydew juice powder, aloe vera extract, bird nest extract, kiwi extract, grape seed extract, chamomile extract, royal jelly extract, vitamin premix, mineral premix, ashwagandha extract and astaxanthin.Ā Contains permitted flavour, thickener, acidity regulator and preservatives as permitted food conditioner.


"All you need is a beauty sleep to get beautiful skin, darling!" - Mira Filzah, Celebrity, Founder/AmbassadorĀ 

Luna Skinz
Luna Skinz
Luna Skinz
Luna Skinz
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Australia Australia
Product Review

Love love love it! It taste amazing and it definitely helps me with my sleep. Definitely will purchase againā˜ŗļø

Singapore Singapore
in love with Lunaā¤

ive been experiencing difficulties in sleeping for sometime. And with that, i can spent hours just watching videos on my phone or Netflix. But eversince i consumed Luna, my night sleep improved. Even on weekends, i could fall asleep easily and my body did not feel the fatigue the next day. Luna day has kept me energized throughout the day and so thankful for that! My skin has also improved and dark circles from all those late nights before has visibly lessen. I would strongly recommend Luna and cant wait to get my next next box!

Singapore Singapore
Luna Skinz

How do I come across Luna Skinz? I am a fan of Mira Filzah. The day she launches her product, Luna Skinz, I followed the progression and benefits of the product via Luna Skinzā€™s official website at Instagram. Carefully read through the ingredients used in the product and the benefits. Feeling much confident, I purchased 2 boxes of Luna Skinz for both my hubby and 15-yr old son. My hubby is experiencing ā€œmaintenance insomniaā€. He tends to wake up frequently during the night and stay awake for long periods each time. He will just lay in bed, night after night, and just couldnā€™t sleep until 1 or 2 am. He hasnā€™t had a good nightā€™s sleep. This life-destroying sleep disorder may not always have a direct and explainable behind it but the terrible effects it causes to his health both mentally and physically. Heā€™s currently on medication for his high blood pressure (hypertension). As a worried wife, I have done my research and readings that people who suffer from insomnia are at a higher risk of heart disease and also increases the chances of experiencing a stroke. But, alhamdulillah, he is not emotionally volatile and does not gets upset easily. My teenage son is facing severe acne breakout on his face and neck due to hormonal changes. As a mother of a teenage son, I am aware that this can be a painful and embarrassing impression. He felt burdened by the condition. Results: After consuming for 3 days/3 nights, I was surprised by the results. There is improvement in my hubbyā€™s sleep. He is more calm, relax and fall asleep shortly after consuming the product. The product indeed gives him the deep and recovery sleep that he need. It also gives him the energy to stay focus and confident. Alhamdulillah, after 10 days, the product also aid in lowering his high blood pressure (hypertension). Insya-allah will continue purchasing this product till his high blood pressure is back to normal. My sonā€™s acne breakout has improved. The skin texture is more subtle, mosturise and brighter. The acne scars has lightened and fading too. Alhamdulillah. Luna Skinz is indeed a miracle and incredible product. Never underestimate the small size of the product that able to cover all aspects of health and beauty. Thumbs up Luna Skinz!!!

Singapore Singapore
Product review

Like the taste so much and make me have good sleep, waking up fresh.

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