F-Beaushot (3 months' supply)
F-Beaushot (3 months' supply)

F-Beaushot (3 months' supply)

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F-BEAUSHOT is a tomato-based ready to drink juice that acts as a brightening agent as well as improve skin complexion. The effect can be seen in 7 days!

Main Ingredients F-Beaushot:
1.Tomatoes helps to brighten the skin, reduce pores, overcome acne, and dull skin.
2.L-cysteine: It slows down the natural aging process and helps in the synthesis of glutathione which is very anti-oxidative and can help brighten the skin.
3.Schisandra: contains powerful antioxidant properties that work to rejuvenate the skin. 

Benefits of F-Beaushot:
•Brighten up to 3 tones lighter
•Restores moisture to the skin from the inside
•Reduces the wrinkles on the skin
•Treats acne and acne problems
•Makes the skin tone evenly
•Reduce the scar on the face and body
•Reduces excess oil on the skin
•Eliminates dull skin problems

Suitable for:
•Men and women 12 years of age and above
•Diabetic patients (4 hours with medication)
•Chronic patients should consult their doctor first
•Nursing moms after 6 months
•NOT SUITABLE for pregnant ladies

Direction: Take 1 sachet of F-beaushot once a day (anytime of day before or after meal)

RO Water, honey, raspberry juice powder, L-Cysteine, vitamin C, lycopene, schisandra extract, vitamin premix, mineral premix and co-enzyme Q10. 
Contains acesulfame potassium as permitted non-nutritive sweetener. Contains permitted flavour and colour. Contains acidity regulator, thickener and preservatives as permitted food conditioner.

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