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Audela Combo 5
Audela Combo 5
Audela Combo 5
Audela Combo 5
Audela Combo 5
Audela Combo 5
Audela Combo 5
Audela Combo 5
Audela Combo 5


Audela is formulated with active ingredients that help burn fat optimally, removing toxin in body, controls appetite and promotes intestinal cleansing. Audela is also formulated with premium ingredients to boost the energy and stimulate a healthy lifestyle. Audela uses Swiss Grade ingredients and it is Halal. 

Drink Audela today!

Audela by Nad Zainal offers 5 benefits in 1 sachet that is;

● Detoxification
● Slimming
● Whitening
● Vitality
● Anti-ageing


  • Lose Weight 
  • Reduce Pimples
  • Fades Scars
  • Whitens Skin Tone
  • Improved Complexion
  • Energy Booster
  • Moisturized Skin
  • Controls Appetite
  • Keeps you full all day
  • Reduce bloated stomach 
  • Ease Constipation
  • Colon/Intestinal Cleansing 
  • Promotes Improved Immune System


An Audela tub contains 30 sachets, 20g each sachet. The content is so luxurious and sufficient for a month's intake. Audela compact sachets are also brought together everywhere.

How to take:

Best brewed with 200ml of water, taken before breakfast once daily.


Luxury Audela with fruit extracts. When taken, it is full of delicious berries.

Ingredients :

Blueberry Fruit Juice Powder, Hydrolized Peptide Collagen, Oat Fiber, Oligo Fiber, L-Carnitine, Senna, Acai Berry Extract, Guarana, Garcinia Cambogia, Capsicum, Green Tea, Vitamin C, Stevia, Acacia Gum, Tomato Extract, Swiss Apple Stem Cell, Grape Stem Cell.

  • Brightening of skin 

Often daily routine causes the skin to become dull and lifeless. Even skin tones become darker so it looks unattractive.

Audela acts by removing cells tainted by dark and replacing them with new cells. As a result, your skin looks brighter, exciting and healthy.

  • Anti-aging 
Aging occurs due to genetic factors but significant aging occurs due to lifestyle and nutrition.

Signs of aging include wrinkled skin, poor stamina, digestive system and weak heart.

It's certainly impossible to remain young forever, surely we are able to slow down the aging process. Audela is specially formulated to slow the aging process so you look younger than your actual age.

Practice drinking Audela day and night to ensure that your body receives enough nutrients to replace the old skin cells with new skin cells.

  • Detox
Refers to the removal of toxins from the body. In general, this detox is performed by the liver but sometimes it is not enough due to lifestyle and nutrition practices that greatly promote the production of excessive toxins in the body.

Excess toxins can damage the body so that it is weak and lifeless and often gets various diseases including cancer.

So, that's why Audela is specially formulated to help you remove your body's toxins much more effectively so that you have a healthy life that is free from harmful illness.

Start drinking a glass of Audela today!


  • Vitality 
It means that physical, mental and emotional situations are at a very good level.

Having good vitality shows you a very vibrant and always cheerful person.

A person has a strong vitality can be seen from his vibrant and vibrant work. He has the stamina, endurance and strength that allows him to do every job quickly and easily.

Also, a strong person of vitality will have the power of mental energy so that it can help him think clearly and accurately to solve every problem.

If one has a high vitality, one will always be in positive mood and healthy mind.

Realizing the benefits of this vitality makes Audela come up with nutrients that can enhance your vitality so you have a cheerful, energetic and powerful life.



1. Can I drink during period?

Yes. However, we encourage not to as some people might feel weak than usual and may cause blood to flow out more as we are undergoing natural detox during menses. 

2. Can I drink caffeine?

Yes. However we suggest to have 2 to 3 hours gap in between. Nothing serious, it just slows down the process.

3. Can I mix with other drink with Audela?

We don't advice to mix. 

    4. What is the difference between Audela and others?

    Audela is the first product on the market that incorporates the concept of Detox, Slimming, Whitening, Anti-aging & Vitality in one product . The uniqueness of this effective Audela formulation makes it a consumer-preferred product in the present. 

    5. How long can it be seen?

    Early results of Detox, Slimming, Whitening, Anti-aging & Vitality can be felt as early as 3-7 days of use. With healthy eating, drinking plenty of water and reduced smoking will help accelerate the effectiveness of Audela . It also depends on the user's hormones. Try Audela today, enjoy the difference and share your success story with us!

    6. What is Audela's Active ingredient content?

    Audela is a combination of extracts, 4 super stem cells consisting of berries, apples, tomatoes and argan as well as nutrients from a variety of selected premium fruits. Each of the 14 Active Ingredients has an effective role that helps you detox, skinny, bright, energetic & healthy.

    7. What is the direction of Audela ?

    1 sachet before breakfast or at night, 2-3 hours before you sleep.

    8. At what age can Audela be consumed?

    Audela is suitable for adolescents who dream of a more stunning body shape, a more radiant skin, a cleaner digestive system, extra daily energy and help improve health.

     9. I like to drink coffee. Can you drink Audela?

    Excessive caffeine intake can break down the nutrients we take. So it is very good if the coffee intake is reduced or stopped early for the initial stage so that the substance and efficacy of Audela can be absorbed optimally and give you the most effective change!

    10. Why is it Luxurious Drink?

    It is called The Ultimate Luxurious Drink as the combination of Audela is complete with selected premium content, with the latest GMP-compliant technology that complies with safety standards and effectively helps consumers get the effect they want. Enjoy Audela today!


    11. What is Combo5X ?

    Combo5X is a combination of elements that has been identified as a consumer's wish. It is a combination of Detox, Slimming, Whitening, Anti-aging & Vitality in one product. Why buy up to 5 products where you can only own one of these exclusive products!


    12. Is Audela approved by MOH (Ministry of Malaysia)?

    Yes.  Each Audela content  has a Certificate of Analysis (COA). Audela is manufactured in an ISO-rated standard GMP factory, which is also registered with the Malaysian Consumers Association of Malaysia. Also audited by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia annually,  MOH reference number: 030418/03/103. 


    13. Do I have to control my appetite?

    Audela's unique formulation can make you feel full. However one should ensure a healthy diet to have an effective results. 


    14. Is Audela a drink or medicine or Tea?

    No, Audela is not a tea nor categories as medicine. For Audela's information is Powdered Drink Sachets registered under the category of food classification in Food Quality Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia.


    15. I eat herbs, can I drink Audela?

    We want the benefits and changes of Audela to function most optimally with your body. It is therefore recommended that the intake of Audela not be mixed with other medicines. If you want to, you are advised to leave 4-6 hours gap with the intake between Audela and other herbs. However Audela itself is enough with all the benefits.

    16. Do I have to drink 2 litres of water?

    Water is the largest composition in the human body. Because of that, Audela is a drink and water intake that can adequately launch body systems and further support the detox process so you can achieve the best change with Audela . No matter how many liters, make sure your water intake is sufficient. 


    17. Is there any long-term effect?

    Audela is an herbal formulation and a select premium herb that is safe for use. It has no long-term effects because it does not contain any restricted ingredients.


    18. I'm thin. Can drink Audela?

    Yes. You can start with half a sachet a day. If it does not affect your weight, you can drink one sachet daily. You are advised to drink Audela during the morning and most late is before 7pm.


    19. I'm pregnant. Can drink Audela?

    Pregnant women are not advised to take Audela . Why? Refer <HERE> for more information about taking Audela during pregnancy.


    20. I breastfeed baby. Can I drink Audela?

    Yes. Allowed after baby 6 months old and above.


    21. People with high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic illness, can you drink?

    If you are dependent on medication due to illness, it is not advisable to take Audela.


    22. Diabetics, chronic illnesses, can you drink?

    If you are dependent on medication due to illness, it is not advisable to take Audela.


    NOT Suitable for:

    • Pregnant ladies 
    • Person with history of illness
    • Person with heart illness
    • Person with cyst/fibroid
    • Person with High Blood Pressure 
    • Person with Asthma to seek Doctor's advice 
    Audela Combo 5
    Audela Combo 5
    Audela Combo 5
    Audela Combo 5
    Audela Combo 5
    Audela Combo 5
    Audela Combo 5
    Audela Combo 5
    Audela Combo 5
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    Singapore Singapore
    I recommend this product
    Okay, I guess

    First few days of consuming it, the trips to the toilet were super frequent! A minimum of 4 daily!! It was tiring but luckily that was during the CB period, so I was home to accommodate that effect. Now, it's much lesser but at least twice a day. The losing weight part, 2 days after taking it; I lost 2kgs with exercise but no diet. But after that, even with exercise and diet; nothing else was lost. So I suppose this product doesn't work for everyone. It did help regulate my bowel movements though. I'm still halfway through, got to compare my skin condition after the entire thing finish. Right now, nothing much changed.

    Singapore Singapore
    The-always-superb Audela!!!

    I didn’t expect delivery to be as fast because of the Covid period, but it came sooner the expected .. Ive always consumed Audela for the past years or so .. no regrets in taing this supplement .. i feel refreshed each day! Thank u Audela!!! Love u! ❤️

    Liza N.
    Singapore Singapore

    Super good!! It’s worth it and works in me.

    Singapore Singapore
    Delay Delivery

    It works for me who has poor digestive system, good bowel movement and detox

    Nurliza J.
    This is my dont know

    This is my dont know how many times i buy this product. Really need this to flush out after 'unhealthy' or oily meals.

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